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The Ford Festiva is a car of varied nationality. And why do we say that it is of varied nationality? While the car was sold and marketed by Ford in the US, it was neither designed nor manufactured by Ford. It was based on a design made by Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, and was built exclusively in a Kia plant in South Korea.

The Ford Festiva was introduced in Northern America in 1988. The car was based on the Mazda 121 platform which was designed by Mazda. It was manufactured by in South Korea by Kia, then a major partner of Ford.

When it was first introduced in the US, the Ford Festiva came in three major trim levels: L, L Plus and LX. It was equipped with a 1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine which was never replaced, although improved, until it last rolled-off the assembly line. A 1990 major redesign gave the car its standard 5-speed manual transmission unit while a 3-speed automatic shift was available as an option. A new trim, called the GL, was introduced in 1991 but the other two trims, the L Plus and the LX, were dropped. The Ford Festiva never changed in form hence until it was replaced by the Ford Aspire in 1993.

There were only a few reasons why people during its time would buy a Ford Festiva. At its very affordable price, most first time car buyers were easily attracted to it. It also promises a comfortable ride and is practical for everyday use. The car, however, is unrefined in most aspects compared to its slightly higher priced competitors. Its engine won't get you revving at high speeds and it the car is easily prone to roll-overs.

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