Ford Fairmont Parts & Accessories

The Ford Fairmont was sold for only six years and those years weren't bad for it at all. Actually, it had good sales. It also had more than a few good reviews. Too bad, however, that when it was introduced, the market for such large compacts was beginning to recede.

The Ford Fairmont was introduced by Ford in 1978 and lasted for six years until it was finally dropped in 1984. It was a line of rather large compact rear wheel drive cars that replaced the Ford Granada line. It was built on an all-new body platform called the Ford Fox platform, which was also later used for subsequent generations of the Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental. It was introduced together with the Mercury Zephyr, a similar car although more luxurious and more equipped.

In its six years in the North American market, it was sold in coup, sedan and wagon body forms. An upper trim Futura model, a specialty coupe, was included in its model line-up shortly after introduction. All models were equipped with 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder or V8 engine options. A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine was briefly used by the Futura model but lasted only for a few years.

With its rival compact cars getting smaller and smaller, and the market for such size category getting smaller and smaller, the Ford Motor Company decided to drop the Ford Fairmont name in 1984. The larger of the Ford Fairmont cars, however, were restyled and rebadged as the Ford LTD. The entire Ford Fairmont line-up was replaced by the Ford Tempo.

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