Ford Fairlane Parts & Accessories

The Ford Fairlane is a real Ford classic, and an eye-catching one at that. For one, it is a relatively old car, the last one having rolled off the assembly line way back in 1971. It also has a design that it can call as its own, as not so many classic cars look similar to the Ford Fairlane. So if you own a Ford Fairlane, why not drive it again and be an eye-catcher.

The Ford Fairlane would actually refer to two categories of car manufactured and sold by Ford from 1955 to 1971. The first of the cars bearing the Ford Fairlane nameplate were full-size cars that replaced the Ford Crestline. From 1962, however, it was replaced by Ford Galaxie as Ford's premier full-size line and was redesigned to fit in the intermediate class or in the mid-size car division. In its 1962 version, it was sized between the compact Ford Falcon and the full-size Ford Galaxie.

The Ford Fairlane full-size cars introduced in 1955 were available in 6 different trim levels, each with a distinct body style and design. The complete model line-up includes the 2-door Club Sedan, 4-door Town Sedan, 2-door Victoria hardtop, Crown Victoria, Crown Victoria plastic top, and the Sunliner Convertible. A 4-door Victoria Sedan became available for the next year while the top trim Fairlane 500 models were introduced in 1957. The Galaxie trim appeared in 1959 which eventually became an independent model line-up and replaced the Fairlane as Ford's premier full-size car.

The mid-size Ford Fairlane was introduced in 1962 and was sold in 2-door hardtop and 2- and 4-door sedan body styles. The Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe was introduced in the middle of the introductory year. A year after, three more trims were introduced: Ranch Wagon, Ranch Custom Wagon and the regular Fairlane 500 trim. A drag racing model appeared in 1964 and was called the Thunderbolt while the Torino trim, which eventually replaced the entire Fairlane line-up in 1972, was introduced in 1968. The last year that the Ford Fairlane was produced and sold was in 1971.

Old by stylish, the Ford Fairlane is still worth driving even today. But before you drive that old, and branded "unreliable", car, you better equip it with top quality Ford Fairlane parts, such that you can find here at Parts Train. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide selection of Ford Fairlane restoration and repair parts that you can choose from. We also have performance parts and elegant body parts that you can further equip it with.