Ford F-150 Parts & Accessories

Trucks looked fairly similar. Though, every manufacturer has its own styling variations, in general, a truck is a truck. But over the years, drastic changes happened to the truck industry. From basic workhorse designed for towing and other heavy-duty tasks the market is now jam-packed with trucks that offer the same comfort level a luxury sedan has. Try to look at your truck. If it's America's best-selling pick-up, then you have something to show-off to the whole world. If it's the number one truck for 28 years running, the vehicle we're talking about is definitely, Ford F-150.

Since the year it was introduced, Ford F-150 truck has been truly appreciated by the buying public due to the remarkable features and qualities it can offer. This truck delivers all the qualities of strength, toughness and cargo-carrying capabilities of a big truck yet it offers interior comfort and design that could equal some luxury vehicles. F-150 truck is also one of the great-looking in the throng of handsome and muscular full-size pick-up trucks for 2006.

Another reason why Ford F-150 is better than other trucks is that it is well-equipped. Its towing capacity is up to 9,900 pounds and it can haul over 3,000 pounds in its bed. Ford is a manufacturer that's known for taking its vehicle specs very seriously, so what can you expect but a Ford truck that provides smooth and quiet ride and handling that's too good for a pick-up truck. The Ford F-150 boasts a comfortable interior that shows Ford's attention to every detail of the vehicle.

Safety is also a chief concern of Ford F-150 engineers. In fact, this truck gained five-star safety rating from the NHTSA in their frontal crash test. F-150 was also recognized as the "Best Pick" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety due to its excellent offset-crash rating. This pick-up truck is packed with safety features like dual frontal airbags and seatbelts with energy-management retractors and pre-tensioners. This, and all-other above-mentioned attributes made Ford F-150 truck the most significant and most money-spinning vehicle Ford has ever made.

For 2006 model year, Ford F-150 is offered in six trim levels - the XL, FX4, XLT, STX, King Ranch and Lariat. Each trim brags its own interior features and style. Also, every F-150 is made up of specially designed and well-coordinated Ford F-150 parts that work hand in hand and complement with one another not just for guaranteed performance but also for remarkable driving experience. And since Ford F-150 truck is an extremely popular driving machine, you can always find Ford F-150 aftermarket parts, replacement parts, OEM parts and performance parts that you can use for your replacement, restyling and upgrading needs. Here at Parts Train, you can always get wide array of Ford F-150 truck parts for any application.