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Ford F-100

Ford is among the most noted automobile maker in the industry of car manufacturing today. In fact, most auto critics would consider Ford as the topmost company when it comes to vehicle engineering and innovation. And for the many years that Ford had stayed in the business, it has introduced and manufactured many vehicles; different models in various designs, platforms, body styles and trims. Ford has also manufactured several series of vehicle lines which includes the F-Series.

Basically, the F-Series is the full-size pickup trucks series that the Ford Motor Company has sold and is still selling for almost 5 decades now. This line of vehicles has been a best-seller for Ford. In fact, many analysts conclude that the F-Series makes up almost half of the company's profit I many years. Now, the F-Series include several great models, with the F-150 being the most famous. On its first generation in the market, the F-Series was available in three basic models; the half-ton or F-1, the heavy-duty or the F-3 and the three-quarter-ton or the F-2.

On the second generation of the F-Series, these lines were redesigned to better suit customer's needs. They were also renamed. It was on 1953. Thus, the half-ton or F-1 got the new name F-100 while the F-2 was renamed the F-250 and the heavy-duty F-3 got the F-350 as its new name. Although these models differ in names, all of them got power-packed gears and equipments especially in the engine compartment. The Ford F-100, along with its sister models, were all equipped with great interior amenities. Such includes lighter, dome light, sun visors and arm rests.

Knowing it's from Ford, you can indeed expect the Ford F-100 to exude great quality aside, of course, from Ford's signature power performance. These are just but among the exciting things that the Ford F-100 offered. And these also are the reason why even Ford had already dropped the Ford F-100 from their lineup; many still adore the F-100. And if you're one of those lucky drivers who still own a Ford F-100, you might be in need of replacement of restoration parts for your Ford F-100.

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