Ford Excursion Parts & Accessories

The Ford Excursion is not only the largest SUV that the Ford Motor Company has ever manufactured but also the largest so far in all of America. Because of its large size, the Ford Excursion has been an easy pick for bad reviews and destructive criticisms that have brought down the sales of the vehicle since the first year of it was sold. The last of it will roll off the line by September this year not because of the criticisms but because Ford would like to concentrate on the production of the Ford Super Duty pickups.

The Ford Excursion is a full size SUV manufactured by Ford from 2000 up to 2005. The truck was built on the same chassis and design used by the Ford Super Duty pickup trucks. It has a wheelbase that measures 137.1 inches, much longer than its chief competitor, the Chevrolet Suburban. Currently, the vehicle is being offered in four trims: XL, XLT, Eddie Bauer and Limited Edition. Current engine options include a 5.4 liter 255 hp V8, a 6.8 liter 310 hp V10 and a 6.0 liter 325 hp Diesel fueled V8. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard for all except for the diesel engine option, which comes coupled with a 5-speed automatic shift with overdrive.

The biggest advantage of the Ford Excursion over its competitors is its size. Unexpectedly, the same has been used to criticize and destroy the reputation of the truck. Critics suggest that the size of the vehicle makes it difficult to maneuver in small roads and park in garages. Its heavy weight, high position of the bumpers, and its poor fuel economy was also heavily criticized, causing poor sales for the vehicle in its entire production year.

Ford, however, claimed that its size is rather the advantage than the disadvantage. With spacious interiors, coupled with powerful engine options, the vehicle allows a maximum of nine passengers and can tow and haul more amounts of loads than any of its competitors can. Ford also claimed that the other issues, including environmental safety, have been addressed well enough for models produced after its debut.

It would depend much if you agree with the critics or not, but for us the Ford Excursion is a good and powerful SUV. If you have one, you must take good care of it for its optimum performance. Regular maintenance and use of high performance Ford Excursion parts would do a lot in making the vehicle perform at its best. For all your Ford Excursion part needs, don't fail to visit Parts Train.