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Although it has been known and has been very successful around Europe since 1961, the Ford Escort that North America knew was only introduced in 1981. This Ford Escort was basically inspired by the success of the European model. And just like its European version, the North American Ford Escort became a success for many years until about the late 1990s.

The Ford Escort was introduced by Ford in the United States in 1981. It shared its parts with the European Ford Escort Mk 3 although its design and styling is significantly different. Upon introduction, the car was available in two body styles: a 3-door hatchback and a 4-door wagon. It was also available in five trims: base, L, GL, GLX and SS trims. A year later, a 5-door hatchback body style also became available.

All the Ford Escorts ever manufactured and sold were equipped with relatively small engine, starting with the 1.6 liter 68 hp when it was introduced in 1981 to the 2.0 liter 130 hp engine used for its final version, the Ford Escort ZX2. A 4-speed manual transmission was standard upon introduction with an optional 3-speed automatic. These features remained unchanged until the last Ford Escort rolled-off the production line.

Although its engine gives it a meager performance, many Ford Escort buyers were satisfied with it, considering that most of them must have bought one because of the practicality its body style has to offer rather than its power. The Ford Escape proved to be a capable, reliable and practical car for most of its buyers, further noting that it is sold at a relatively affordable price.

Not so powerful but totally capable and reliable, the Ford Escort became consistent bestsellers in its first decade in the American market. Even after a major redesign in the 1990s, the Ford Escort continued to have a good following. The last Ford Escort manufactured and sold was the ZX2 version, which later became an entirely independent car model. The entire Ford Escort model line-up was replaced by the Ford Focus by 2002.

The Ford Escort is a capable and reliable car in every aspect. Considering that it is sold at a relatively low price, you don't expect it to be lavishly equipped or to be extremely powerful. You can, however, do anything with your car to make it perform better. Here at Parts Train, we offer a complete line-up of Ford Escort parts that you can use to improve the performance of your car and to make it more equipped. Every Ford Escort part that you can see on our online catalog of parts are guaranteed high quality and durable.