Ford Escape Parts & Accessories

The aggressive looks of a truck combined with the comfort of a sedan—that's what every crossover SUV aims to give us. And Ford seems to have perfected these characteristics even with the entry-level Ford Escape. Priced so low yet well equipped, it is definitely not hard to love the Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape is a crossover SUV introduced by Ford in 2001 and is still in production today. It was developed jointly with Mazda. The vehicle is also sold as the Mazda Tribute and in Europe, the Ford Maverick. It also has a luxury trim named the Mercury Mariner.

The current Ford Escape is available in three basic trims: XL, XLT and XLT Sport. A more equipped Limited Edition package is also available. All takes the body form of a 5-door station wagon or hatchback, although it is gifted with the style of an SUV. Engine options include a 153 hp 2.3 liter engine and a 200 hp 3.0 liter V6 engine. Available transmission options include a 5-speed manual shift, which is only available with the 2.3 liter engine option, and a 4-speed automatic transmission unit.

Being a crossover SUV, the Ford Escape is endowed with the aggressive and muscular looks of a powerful truck. Inside, however, you can expect the comfort and convenience a regular sedan has to offer. It also handles better than your regular SUV and proves to be more economical and efficient because of its light weight body structure.

The other side of being a crossover SUV is that the Ford Escape won't totally give you the power you expect from its looks. It looks like a truck but it would not generally perform like one. Also, as an entry level vehicle, it doesn't have all the features and equipments, and even total refinement, that luxurious sedans would have to offer. With high quality and better Ford Escape parts, however, everything can be remedied.

Here at Parts Train, we have a complete and comprehensive catalog of Ford Escape interior and exterior parts that can make your vehicle more elegant and equipped inside out. We also have high performance engines and mechanical parts that can give the Ford Escape a true SUV performance. We guarantee you that the every Ford Escape part offered here at Parts Train would make your Ford Escape an even better vehicle.