Ford Elite Parts & Accessories

If you are looking for a classic car, the Ford Elite is perfect. The Ford Elite was one of the premium automobiles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company for the North American market from 1974 to 1976. The Ford Elite was introduced in 1974 to compete with Chevrolet's well-known Monte Carlo as a personal luxury coupe. It was a "Thunderbird" version of the Ford Torino and was designed to appeal to the mid-size auto enthusiast that seeks the Thunderbird luxury at a more reasonable price. And so, its production was a success, outselling the other Ford lineup of automobiles in all three years.

The Elite was considered a sub-model of the Torino because if you would take a look on Ford Elite and Ford Torino, they are basically the same, but they are not. They have the same trunk lid but they have different body lines and they have their individual qualities to brag about. The Ford Elite is outfitted with only the best amenities. It comes with its standard features like the 351 W V8 engine 5.8 L, C4 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes (front disc brakes and rear drum brakes), cloth bench seats, protective padded body side moldings, full or landau vinyl roof with twin opera windows.

If its has standard features, it has also its optional facilities which includes power glass moonroof, power steel sunroof, metallic glow paint, cruise control, air conditioning, fuel monitor warning lights and a whole lot more. Overall, Elites is just right for every consumer who wants to have an amazing car that is reasonably-priced. But despite these wonderful qualities, the Ford Elite came to an end. Its short existence was ended after 1976 for the reason that Thunderbird was moving to the midsize version and Ford believes that they do not need the Elite any longer to fill the luxury coupe position.

If you own this remarkable vehicle and you still want this vehicle to get you wherever you want to go, preserve its pristine condition. Checking all those Elite parts and systems every now and then will help you uphold its life and excellent performance as well. So replace those worn out Ford Elite parts now! Visit us and you'll find a wide array of replacement Ford parts and accessories. Our collection of Ford Elite replacement parts are guaranteed to be of premium materials for long-lasting service. You can also talk to our customer service representatives if you have any questions regarding our products.