Ford E-350 Club Wagon Parts & Accessories

Henry Ford used his initiative in starting the Ford Motor Company in 1903. By himself he will not be able to finance all the cost involved in building a company so he persuaded some people to invest in the venture. On the onset, Ford only produced a few cars in their Detroit headquarters and many of these cars were installed with made to order parts. The model that catapulted them into the mainstream is the Model T and from that they were also able to develop varied designs and models that hit right with the market. And so at present, Ford is now a multinational corporation that has its base in Dearborn, Michigan. Encompassing various renowned brands like Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Volvo and Mazda, Ford Motor Company is now also one of the biggest carmaker in the world.

The Ford E-Series is a line of vans produced by the company from 1961 up to the present time. Included in this line is the Ford E-350 club wagon which is basically a 2-door passenger van. This is very advantageous for those who like going on expeditions or out of town visits with family and friends because with its size it can accommodate seven people with ample space left for luggage. This vehicle can be easily recognized when you drive it because it is larger than the usual cars on the road. It also bears pleasant look with chrome front and rear bumpers and two-tone metallic paint. Its exterior is likewise made practical by installing halogen bulb headlights, interval windshield wipers and power mirrors.

Comfort is a very important factor that customer never fail to look into when they scout for a vehicle that they can use. Ford has furnished the club Wagon with almost all the creature comforts that the driver and passengers could want. Supple driver and passenger bucket seats, air conditioning, courtesy lights, power windows, cruise control and remote power locks are some of the highlights incorporated into this van's interior design.

The most important thing about this vehicle is the features under the hood. When the driver turns on the ignition, the 5.4L V8 engine immediately springs to life and once the accelerator is stepped on an excellent 255 hp and torque of 350 ft-lbs is distributed throughout the whole system. The rear wheel drive system it is installed with is managed by the 5-speed automatic transmission available to the driver. Unleaded fuel is pumped by the multi-point point fuel injection system, so there is hardly a break in the engine combustion cycle. Regulating the car's speed is made possible through the four disc brakes and antilock braking system installed by the manufacturer.

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