Ford E-150 Parts & Accessories

A well-known and competitive car brand that produces a wide range of car models for the world market is Ford. This brand has numerous models included in its marquee since it began production in 1903 after being established by Henry Ford. This car maker now has its base in Dearborn, Michigan and covers a lot of high caliber brands like Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lincoln and Mercury, Land Rover and Volvo. Because of their wide range of interest, Ford now belongs to the ten largest corporations as based on their income. Ford is also known as for their revolutionary and innovative car designs.

The Ford E-series is among their marquee that is a line of full-size vans quite related to the F-series line of Ford's pickup trucks. The E-series is also known as the Econoline or Club Wagon because of its van structure. One of the modes included in the E-series is the Ford E-150 which is made available in two body styles. Customers can avail of this as a 2-door cargo van or as a 2-door passenger vehicle. So customers really have a choice if they need a vehicle with a large space either for loading in goods or people.

The 2006 version of the Ford E-150 is made with a standard 4.6L V8 engine. But to give customers with other options, a 5.4L V8 engine is also obtainable. The standard engine system is able to rev up 225 hp and 286 ft-lbs of torque. With this kind of power, you can reach your destination at a fast pace. The engine runs on unleaded fuel that is supplied to the internal combustion engine by the multi-point injection system installed. The 4-speed automatic transmission controls the rear wheel drive system of the Ford E-150. Great road handling is also made possible through the installed four-wheel ABS and four disc brakes featured in the vans braking system.

In terms of the outward look, the Ford E-150 is an awesome vehicle to look upon with its metallic paint, tinted glass, halogen headlights and trailer towing feature. Likewise, you will be impressed by its interior features. Ford did not cut-back on style and opulence when they designed its interior because it has almost all the creature comforts that a driver or passenger would even desire in vehicle. As an owner of the excellent vehicle you will not want to encounter the inconvenience of not being to use it because of some defect. Always be sure that good upkeep is done for each of the Ford E-150's elements and if ever you need high quality replacement parts and accessories, Parts Train — the online car parts provider is available for your perusal.