Ford Courier Parts & Accessories

There have been many vehicles manufactured and sold by Ford as the Ford Courier. One appeared in the 1950s and was sold in America. Two other vehicles of entirely different types bearing the name Ford Courier has been sold in Europe and Brazil. Until now, there is a line of Ford Courier pickups being sold in other countries like Australia and New Zealand. But as far as North America is concerned, the Ford Courier was last sold in 1983.

The Ford Courier is a compact pickup manufactured and sold by Ford from 1972 to 1983 in North America, although versions of the said pickup are still being produced and sold in Australia and New Zealand up to this day. It is a vehicle manufactured by Mazda and was based on the Mazda B-Series. Ford Courier vehicles that are still being produced today are manufactured in Thailand.

Last manufactured in 1983, North American Ford Couriers are expectedly old. They are not as good looking as the current models that can be found in either Australia or New Zealand so you don't expect see them on major urban thoroughfares. But even though old, the Ford Courier can still be in good use in farms and in off-road functions. The Ford Courier is a capable car and can do all the hard stuffs for you.

Old, the Ford Courier needs a lot of new and high quality Ford Courier parts to be of good use once again. And considering the task it is supposed to do, it would definitely need a lot of high performance truck parts including powerful engines, tough and rigid body parts, high performance wheels and tires and a lot of other stuffs. For the most complete source of replacement and performance parts for your Ford Courier, don't forget to check our online catalog. Here at Parts Train, we aim to provide everything you need to restore your Ford Courier pickup truck.