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Of the numerous car manufacturers in the automobile industry, the Ford Motor Company currently ranks as third largest automobile manufacturer. Ford automobiles are now built and sold under the marques of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury. In addition, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volvo, and Land Rover were recently added in the list. Ford also controls a share of Mazda. Started in 1903, Ford has already introduced and produced a number of successful and world-renowned car models under the Ford badge. One of which is the Country Sedan. Such model was introduced by Ford division in 1949.

The Ford Country Sedan is a full size station wagon that is based on the full-size car line offered by Ford every year particularly the Ford Customline for a couple of years starting 1952. Considering the range of Ford's station wagon, the Country Sedan was merely in the mid trim level, although it could carry up to 9-passengers, if so equipped. In 1955, Ford began to turn their station wagons into a "series", but the Country Sedan still represented the mid-trim level. For the succeeding decades, the Country sedan was roughly akin to the Galaxie and Galaxie 500 in terms of trim elements. Notable feature of the Country Sedan is the advancement in rear gate assembly. Before 1961, Ford station wagons are equipped with a two-piece tailgate assembly that needs someone to lift the rear window up and have it locked in place through a mechanical support. If you want to have a full access to the rear compartment, you need to drop the tailgate down.

Came 1961, when Ford employed on its station wagons including the Country Sedan, a tailgate assembly that features a self-storing window for easy rolling down into the gate either through a crank from the outside, or by an electrical motor operated by the key or interior switch. Such advancement also displayed a safety lockout measure that allows the rear window to be fully withdrawn before it could be dropped. In 1965, Ford station wagons highlighted the use of Magic Door Gate that made it possible for the tailgate to either function as the traditional type capable of being lowered down, or one that can be swung outward for easier access to the seating area.

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