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Whenever you think of buying an automobile, Ford products are one sure thing you should not set aside. Over the years, Ford has amazingly remained as a top competitor when it comes to world renowned models. Started struggling, Ford Motor Company has managed to make it through all the challenges, and became one the key players in the automotive industry.

Established in the year 1903, Ford never ceased to come up with outstanding car models such as the Ford Country. When talking about the Ford Country, two things are usually given credit — the Ford Country Sedan and the Ford Country Squire. The Country Sedan is a full sized station wagon manufactured in the year 1949 up to 1980s. Compared to other Ford vehicles, its wheelbase is greater than 2.79 meters and an interior volume greater than 120 cubic feet, enough to carry up to 9 passengers. Its body style is similar to a sedan yet with an extended rear cargo area. Nevertheless, the Country Sedan was only a mid-trim station wagon in the Ford lineup range. It basically features plain and simple body sides.

The Country Sedan was patterned on another Ford model - the Customline, from 1952 until 1954. After which, Ford came up with its own station wagon series, with the Country Sedan as the flag bearer of the mid-trim level station wagons. 1960s and 1970s Ford Country units are akin to the Ford Galaxie and Ford Galaxie 500 in terms of trim elements.

The Country Squire on the other hand is somewhat similar to the Country Sedan but a bit greater. Also manufactured in the year 1949 but has flourished the market longer than the Country Sedan. It became the premium station wagon of the Ford range with its imitation-wood trim on the doors and tailgate. It has also considered as the iconic top of the line American family wagon. Such recognition gave Ford prestige and admiration throughout the world.

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