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To compete with the popular Jeep SUV, Ford created the Ford Bronco. With its small and compact size, it became a favorite for many while impractical for some. In a later generation, the Ford Bronco got larger and more powerful to better compete with its new found rivals. It was finally replaced by the Ford Expedition in 1997, as its basic design failed to match the elegance of many modern cars.

The Ford Bronco was introduced by Ford late in 1965 as a 1966 model. It was a small four-wheel drive SUV that can practically do anything with its light weight except tow extremely heavy materials. It was introduced equipped with a 105 hp 170 in3 6-cylinder engine coupled with a three-speed manual transmission. A 289 in3 V8 was later introduced mid-1966 but lasted only until 1988 and was replaced by a larger 302 in3 V8. The Spartan design and the small size of the Ford Bronco did not have major changes until 1977.

In 1978, the Ford Bronco received a major redesign. This second generation Bronco is now longer, more powerful and more equipped. Its body is based on the F-body design which was also used by the Ford Ranger and other Ford pickup trucks. Engine options include a straight 6-cylinder engine and three variants of a V8 engine. By 1980, a smaller model called the Ford Bronco II was introduced but it never outsold the original and larger Bronco and was dropped shortly by Ford. By 1996, the design of the Ford Bronco appeared outdated and Ford opted to replace it by a newer Ford Expedition in 1997.

The classic Ford Broncos of 1966 to 1977 are now famous and prized collector's items while the larger Broncos are still in practical use today. Although old, one cannot deny the powerful performance both Ford Bronco models demonstrate. To make it perform better, you can equip it with high performance Ford Bronco parts that can be easily found here at Parts Train. Here at Parts Train, we maintain a complete and comprehensive online catalog of Ford Bronco mechanical parts, body parts and other auto parts to serve as your guide to what we have for your Ford Bronco. With our premium auto parts, we can assure you that your Ford Bronco would perform even better.