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Mass-produced vehicles changed the way how Americans lived and when it comes to that, one man takes the credit: Henry Ford. The legendary American industrialist built the Ford Motor Company back in 1903. From that point on, the company became synonymous with affordable vehicles that can be bought by even ordinary folks. Because of its success in the United States, it was inevitable that the company will expand. Today, the auto manufacturer is the second largest car maker in the United States and fifth in the world. Its influence also extends into Europe because it's ranked as the fifth-largest automaker over there. That being said, Ford parts and vehicles are trusted by millions of people until today, more than a century after Henry Ford built the company.

When Henry Ford built the company back in 1903, he wanted a car that even the ordinary American people can afford. He started by introducing the Model A, but the company's success never really reached unprecedented status until it launched the Model T. From 1908-1927, the Model T was purchased by over 16 million people, making it truly the car for the masses. What made this Ford model really stand out is its affordability and its high-caliber Ford parts and mechanism that enabled it to survive all kinds of terrain. From the Model T, the company moved forward and introduced iconic models such as the Lincoln Zephyr, 25 million of which were manufactured in a 20-year span. The Zephyr was then followed by the Thunderbird and of course, there was the Mustang. Eventually, the company dabbled with pickup trucks and that's when the extremely popular F-Series was born. These Ford trucks were for a few decades, the best-selling vehicles in the United States because of their sturdy Ford truck parts and design.

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