Fiat Strada Parts & Accessories

Car makers are vast in number and they are scattered all over the world. There are Asian, American and European manufacturers that play a major role in providing all kinds of vehicles for the world market. An example of a European car maker is the FIAT Group or Fiat S.p.A. This European car manufacture was established in 1899 and now has its headquarters in Turin, Northern Italy. FIAT actually stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. This maker has branches in different countries including Poland, Argentina, Brazil, France, Turkey, Egypt and China, so Fiat models are widely spread.

Fiat can be credited for the wide variety of cars it has produced over the years. Some of the most notable models that made it well in the market are the Panda, Punto, Stilo, Croma, Idea, Ulysse and Doblo. One of the models manufactured by this company from the 1990s up to 2000 is the Fiat Strada which is categorized as a supermini pickup truck. A supermini pickup truck is usually characterized by having a short wheelbase but with an open-top rear cargo area. This Fiat Strada was manufactured in Brazil and was shipped into Europe where it was put to the market under the Strada Malibu label.

There were several generations of the Strada produced for the market. The first one was way back in 1996. This model has a cargo space of 1770 mm x 1314 mm and the ability to load a maximum of 700 kg of cargo. This pickup was based on the Fiat Uno produced previously by the company. The next generation that was released in 2001 underwent some changes in the front area as well as in the interior. The Strada was once again released for the market in 2004 with a relatively modern diesel engine. All these models are all equipped with high quality and high performance devices that will ensure safe and speedy transport. Like all car makers Fiat makes it a point to ensure the safety and comfort of their customers that's why they have furnished the truck's interior with plush seats, audio system and air conditioning system. Even for a supermini pickup truck, the Strada has enough head room and leg room so you'll be quite comfortable even for long drives.

Proper maintenance of the Fiat Strada should always be done so that it will last long in its service. If any parts shows defect you can get them easily replaced with new parts from Parts Train your most reliable online car parts provider.