Fiat Brava Parts & Accessories

One of the European car makers that are recognized all over the world is Fiat. Fiat is actually an acronym and it stands for Fabbrica, Italiana Automobili Torino. This company has its headquarters in Turin, Northern Italy. As an automobile manufacturer, Fiat already made a lot of car models that were successful in the market. Some of these models that helped the company establish its name are the Panda, Punto, Stilo, Idea, Croma, Ulysse and Doblo. Because of its successes in the automobile industry, Fiat has also been awarded with the European car of the Award.

Up to the present time, Fiat is on the go in producing even better vehicles to meet the customer's changing demands. The Fiat Brava and Fiat Bravo is one of the quality cars they have come up with which is categorized as a small family car. This particular model is available in two body styles — 3-door hatchback and a 5-door hatchback. This replaced its predecessor the Fiat Tipo.

Once you this car, you can't help but admire it. Its stylish and glossy appearance is enough to make you wish you own it. Aside from its looks, this car is also highly capable of excellent road performance. This is possible because the car is equipped with superb engine system. Its base engine makes use of 1.4 L engine that has 12-valves pumping fuel into it. This engine system allows the car to produce 80 bhp. But aside form this particular engine, there were still other types of engine made available for this like the 1.6 L 16-valve engine, 1.8 L engine, and the 2.0 L 20-valve engine. Aside from the high performance engine, the Brava was also equipped with 4-speed manual transmission which aided its road manageability.

This car was produced from 1995 until 2001. During the later of its production, it experienced some downside because newer models from other brands came out. The newer models made the Fiat Brava look outdated so they also produced a new model to replace this and that's when the Fiat Stilo came on the scene. The production of the Brava ceased during the late part of the year 2001.

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