Fiat 850 Parts & Accessories

Fiat is a European automaker that is based in Turin, Northern Italy. This car was founded by a group of investors with Giovanni Agnelli as the prominent personality. They established this company in 1899. Over years of their production, various models are attributed to their name including the Fiat 850.

The production of the Fiat 850 went on from 1964 until 1973. The company developed this as a small rear wheel drive car with the engine also locate din the rear. This particular model's design was based on the Fiat 600 that is why they share the same engine type only that the 850's engine was a little bit more enhanced. With an added 843 cubic centimeter the Fiat 850 has more chances of pumping greater power. Two options were available for its engine — the standard type that can produce 34 hp and the second option available was the one capable of giving 37 hp. Maybe by today's standards the 125 km/h maximum speed is a bit unexciting but it satisfied car enthusiasts in that era.

In order to provide the market with a good selection, the Fiat 850 was produced in several body styles — as a coupe and a sedan. The company produced a coupe, spider and special version of this car. The coupe featured an original 843 cubic centimeter engine that can produce 47 hp or 135 km/h of speed. This car's production stopped in 1971. The Spider version is a sporty two-seater car that also has 843 cubic centimeter engine, but this can produce greater power with its 49 hp and 145 km/h speed. Fiat decided to cease its production in 1973. Another version is the Fiat 850 Special that offers front disc brakes, sport steering wheel and an enhance trim. This car is also more advanced than the other versions by 25% in the power that it can produce. In the duration of its production run, the Fiat 850 sold almost 2.3 models all over the world.

Classic cars are of great value these days and the Fiat 850 can now be considered as a classic. As an owner of this car you should be proud and keep up a good maintenance regime. Parts Train can help you in this aspect because we supply a wide range of products that will surely be helpful not only in the preservation of your car but also for upgrading it. We've made it simple and trouble-free for you.