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In its entire history, cars carrying the Eagle badge always had a mechanical twin or a corporate sister branded as a Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth or even Mitsubishi. The Eagle Vision wasn't spared from this tradition. The good thing with the Eagle Vision, however, was that it was given emphasis and was equipped rather more luxuriously than its corporate twins.

The Eagle Vision is a midsize sedan manufactured and sold by Chrysler from 1993 to 1997. It was based on the Chrysler LH platform, a body style borrowed from Honda, although Chrysler claims that theirs is a different design altogether. It has a front wheel drive and a cab-forward design.

When it was first introduced, it was available in two basic trims: the base ESi and the sporty TSi. Aimed for the enthusiasts, the Eagle Vision came more equipped compared to its entry-level Dodge twin. Engine for the base trim was a 3.3 liter V6 while the sportier TSi trim was equipped with a 3.5 liter 214 hp V6 engine. A 4-speed automatic transmission unit was standard on both trims.

You can easily differentiate the Eagle Vision from a Dodge Intrepid or a Chrysler Concorde by looking at its well-designed grille and taillights. With its large size, it can comfortably seat 5-passenger, allowing them enough legroom and headroom to have a comfortable ride. Interior amenities are also well laid out and the car is far more equipped than entry level sedans within its category.

Overall, the Eagle Vision is a worthy buy. However, there are some flaws in its design and assembly that, if you are an owner of one, you surely must have discovered by now. These flaws can, however, be easily remedied by replacing it with or installing high quality and high performance Eagle Vision parts. Here at Parts Train, we have all the parts you need to make your Eagle Vision an almost perfect car. Just feel free to browse further through our site and discover our wide array of Eagle Vision auto parts, mechanical parts and body parts that can help you in making your Eagle Vision perform at its best.