Eagle Medallion Parts & Accessories

There are many reasons why vehicles sold by Chrysler under the Eagle badge did not gain enough popularity. First, Eagle cars were also offered as rebadged models of other brands like Renault and Dodge. Second, many of the Eagle cars were sold only for a few years. A very good example of this is the Eagle Medallion.

The Eagle Medallion is a mid-size car manufactured and sold by Chrysler in the US from 1988 to 1989. It was a rebadged version of the Renault 21, which were also sold in the US as the Renault Medallion and Dodge Monaco. It was available in two body styles: a 4-door sedan and a hatchback, or wagon as others may call it.

Sold for barely two years, there has been no major difference between the Eagle Medallions produced in those two years. The sole engine used was a 2.2 liter inline type 4-cylinder engine that outputs 103 hp of power. Both hatchback and sedan models came standard with a 3-speed automatic transmission unit but the sedan came optional with a 5-speed manual shift with overdrive. The wagon models were expected to provide more interior space for passengers and cargos than the sedans.

Dropped immediately by Chrysler after two years of production, the Eagle Medallion was not given the chance to be rated well by critics. Neither did it became popular; blame it to Chrysler's idea of giving their cars a variety names. With a 103 hp engine, it may not be the car of choice of those who are hungry for speed and power. But its fairly large size, and it being available as a wagon, makes it a practical car for people who needs more from their car than speed and power.

It's normally hard to find auto parts for cars that are old and unpopular. But because a substantial number of persons still owns and maintains an Eagle Medallion, we will continue to conveniently offer Eagle Medallion parts. Here at Parts Train, you'll find a complete and comprehensive online inventory of high quality Eagle Medallion auto parts for all of your repair and replacement needs. We also have high performance body parts and suspension as well as powerful engines that can be fitted to your Eagle Medallion to make it perform even better.