Eagle 2000 GTX Parts & Accessories

The Chrysler Corporation is also a big company that has several subsidiary companies under it. One of the brands included in their line is the Eagle. This was originally from the AMC or American Motors Corp. that became Chrysler's when they purchased the AMC. This brand did not last long in the market however in the duration of its production run, the sedan and coupe they produced, sold at very decent number.

Under the Chrysler Corporation, the Eagle did not make use of the pentastar logo but continued to use the Eagle logo. The Eagle also had several models under its name like the Eagle Premier and Eagle Medallion, including the Eagle 2000gtx. This car is similar to the 6th generation of the Mitsubishi Galant. When sold in the Canadian market, the Mitsubishi Galant was rebadged as the Eagle 2000gtx.

Just by looking at the appearance, you will see that the Eagle 2000gtx is a very sport type of automotive machine. Upon first release, this model was available in three trims: base, Premium and Premium DOHC. The engine of this car underwent several changes from the 2.0L 4 cylinder engine that can only produce 102 hp until it was upgraded to the turbocharged one that can speed up to 195 hp. As produced in the modern environment; this car features a computerized suspension system. This mechanism is very beneficial because an automatic adjustment of the springs is possible whenever the road situation calls for it so that there will be a smooth and less bumpy ride. This car also had a beneficial 4-speed automatic transmission. Aside form the excellent technical qualities, the Eagle 2000gtx was also outfitted with a luxurious interior with adequate leg and headroom for 4-5 passengers.

After some years in the market, the Eagle 2000gtx was phased out. The Chrysler Canada did not anymore support its production and newer models replaced it. Furthermore, during that time Chrysler was also interested in promoting its own line-up of full-size sedans.

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