Dodge W150 Parts & Accessories

Dodge is one of the top manufactures in the automobile industry today. The Dodge Brothers Motor Company was established by the brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge back in 1914. But prior to this they were in a joint venture with Henry Ford. After some year they decided to go on their own thus came the Dodge Company. From 1914 until 1927, this company operated as an independent company because in 1928 they were bought out by Chrysler Corporation. And just recently in 1998, Chrysler along with its other holdings merged with Daimler-Benz.

Dodge is known for the high quality trucks ranging from light to heavy duty ones. Included in the well-known line by dodge is the D series that was sold from 1961 up to 1980. After this time span the series was renamed as Dodge Ram. The series is made using the AD platform and the body is a conventional step-side bed with a uniquely designed fender. Out of the D series sprung the W Series trucks.

The W Series is composed of four-wheel drive trucks. Moreover these trucks are made in the light-duty and heavy duty versions. And included in this series is the Dodge W150 that was offered in several body styles including the 2-door regular cab long, 2-door extended cab short and the 2-door regular cab. With these options, the customer really has more chances of getting the vehicle that will meet their need best. This truck is very beneficial for carrying any size of cargo because the open rear is really arranged to have a lot of space. This vehicle is also made reliable through the quality engine system it is built with. The standard 5.2L V8 engine is efficient in delivering fuel throughout the system and produces admirable power and toque for balanced speed and road grip. The rear-wheel drive is smoothly operated using the 4-speed automatic and optional 5-speed manual transmission.

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