Dodge Viper Parts & Accessories

The Chrysler Corporation has been very successful with their muscle cars so that in the early 1990s, the company planned to revive the style. And the style was indeed revived with the Dodge Viper—Chrysler's modern day muscle car. Just as their early muscle cars, the Dodge Viper has a distinct look and a very powerful performance. But compared to their older muscle cars, the Dodge Viper is far more powerful.

The Dodge Viper was introduced by Chrysler as a concept car way back in 1989 but it was only introduced in 1992. The first model was a Viper, which was followed shortly a year after by a coupe. It was originally equipped with a V10 that was well suited for a truck, thanks to Lamborghini that the engine was redesigned to fit its performance to a race car. With a powerful engine that reaches about 450 bhp in output, the Dodge Viper became an instant favorite in drag racing, road racing and drift racing.

In 2003, the Dodge viper was given a major redesign. Major changes were made to its body design, which is now sharper and more angular. The engine was also enlarged 8.3 liter which increased the output to about 504 bhp. In 2006, a coupe model named Dodge viper SRT-10 is expected to be released. The said coupe would look like the first generation Dodge Vipers but are rather more powerful than them.

The Dodge Viper is undeniably a powerful and speedy muscle car and cars such as these need no ordinary parts. Here at Parts Train, we provide you with high quality and high performance Dodge Viper parts that would enable your car to be competitive in any type of race. Carefully selected and checked for quality, every Dodge Viper part that we have is guaranteed to further boost your car's performance.