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If you'll take a good look at the Dodge Stealth, you may wonder why Chrysler gave it the name "Stealth". In its form and its style, the Dodge Stealth seems to hide nothing. Its sporty appearance and its high tech equipments would clearly indicate that it is a fast and powerful car. Maybe, the car is stealth in a way that it brings out many surprises about its performance.

The Dodge Stealth actually just a version of the Mitsubishi GTO, or 3000GT as it is known in the US, when the car was sold in the US. The body and chassis were basically Mitsubishi, but it had major styling changes under Chrysler's Dodge Division. The Dodge Stealth, however, are equipped just the same as the Mitsubishi GTO, and the power that the Mitsubishi GTO showcases can also be found on the Dodge Stealth.

The Dodge Stealth was sold in the US from 1991 to 1996. It is a grand touring 2+2 seater sport coupe that was available in four different trims when it was introduced: base, ES, R/T and the R/T twin turbo version. All trims were equipped with a 3.0 liter V6 engine with varying power outputs. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard for all trims except the for the R/T twin turbo model, which was equipped with a 6-speed Getrag manual transmission unit from 1994 onwards. A 4-speed automatic transmission unit was also available as an option.

What people loved most about the Dodge Stealth is its powerful performance, not to mention its sleek style and gorgeous looks. With a power output of 164 hp for the base models and a whooping 320 hp for the R/T turbo models, the Dodge Stealth is really a powerful and speedy car. For these reasons, the car was a favorite in high-speed touring. It has one downside, however, and that is its weight. The car is a bit heavy making cornering difficult. But overall, the Dodge Stealth is really a wonderful and powerful car.

Today, the Dodge Stealth is considered a prized collector's item. Still a favorite in drag racing competitions, most racers further boost the performance of their Dodge Stealth with the aid of high performance Dodge Stealth parts. If you are an owner of a Dodge Stealth and you want to boost the performance of your car to a higher level, then feel free to take a look at our wide collection of high quality and high performance Dodge Stealth auto parts and mechanical parts. Parts Train is undoubtedly your number one source for high quality Dodge Stealth auto parts.