Dodge Royal Mini Ram Parts & Accessories

More vehicle engineers say that, passengers and cargo sharing the same space is particularly dangerous. The vehicle occupants must be separated from the cargo by even one or more rows of seats, rather than by a solid partition panel that is particularly found in sedan vehicle types. Since the seats are removable, it is easy to position a big cargo such as washing machine or bicycle right next to passengers. However, a sudden hit on the brakes is enough to set the cargo in motion. Some crash tests showed that in the event of a collision, passengers are considerable at risk of being seriously injured by some flying things.

This may some of the reason why Dodge Royal mini ram come to life. Dodge Royal mini ram is another vehicle type that Chrysler Corporation produces which is the maker of all Dodge vehicles. Dodge is one of the most well-known vehicle manufacturers that is keep on producing high quality and heavy duty vehicles unto now. Chrysler Corporation was the first to sell minivans, still leading in the market with its Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country models. So, meaning Dodge Royal mini ram can be tag as a pioneering minivan because it is also included in the Dodge minivan category. Dodge Royal mini ram is a kind of minivans with the combination of Dodge Royal and Dodge Ram having the look of pickup with an elevated tonneau covers that even a person can fit in.

Practically, the main characteristic feature of many minivans is their sliding side doors. It is an entry to vehicles which are wider than conventional swing doors for an easy entry. Since, these sliding side doors have several advantages to the conventional doors. However, there is no less stable than sliding side doors in case of side impact collision, as demonstrated by the crash test, by crushing the vehicle into the right side of a minivan at about 50 kph. The minivan that has swing doors do not intrude deeper into the vehicle than sliding doors do. Their guide rails bend in collisions, which make it virtually impossible to open the doors. As a consequence it is very difficult for a rescuer to rescue of injured occupants. That is why Dodge Royal mini ram stick to its conventional swing doors.

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