Dodge Ram 50 Parts & Accessories

The Dodge Ram 50 is a compact pickup type of vehicle that is produced by Mitsubishi Motors and sold by the Chrysler Corporation from 1979 to 1993. Its four wheel drive was produced around 1982 and it was named as the Power Ram 50. Ram 50 containing a turbo diesel engine was available in US models between 1983 and 1986. This Dodge Ram 50 model was completely redesigned in the year 1987 and it was the same year that Dodge introduced the Ram 50's successor, which is the Dodge Dakota. In spite of this, succeeding six years the sales of the Dodge Ram 50 continued.

This Dodge Ram 50 compact pickup is one of the most powerful and famous vehicles that ever produced by the Chrysler Corporation, the maker of Dodge vehicles. Early in 1981, the name Dodge Ram 50 has been materialized. However, this vehicle has been released since 1979 as the D50 pickup. This Ram 50 is a smaller version of the famous full-size pickup such as the Dodge Ram and the former Dodge D-Series trucks. Same with its older Ram and the D-series trucks, this Ram 50 pickup also showed several impressive features.

The Power Ram 50 is one of its best upgrade models. Featuring its four wheel drive power, brought Ram 50 pickup into its higher level performance. When it comes of hauling heavy loads, this Ram 50 can carry as much as twice its over-all weight. The good thing of this vehicle due to it is undersized you can easily drive it through city roads and as well as constricted streets. This Dodge Ram 50 is also great in terms of restyling, adding performance, or replacing its worn parts.

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