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Dodge Ram 1500

When you speak ram, Ram is a kind of vehicle which is a full-size pickup truck from DaimlerChrysler's Dodge brand. The word or the name Ram was first used around the year 1981, which is based on the redesigned D Series vehicle models of Dodge. D Series is a line of pickup trucks that is produced by the Chrysler Corporation's from the year 1961 to 1980. After which, the pickups were renamed as the Dodge Ram with same basic design and it was maintained until the introduction of a complete redesigned Ram in the year 1994.

Dodge Ram has been named by the Motor Trend magazine, one of the oldest automotive magazines and still publishing, as Truck of the Year, not only once but twice. In the year 1994, the second generation of Dodge Ram also won the award, and the third generation of Dodge Ram was won the title as Heavy Duty vehicle of the year for 2003. With Dodge Ram accomplishments and awards its true enough that all Dodge pickup type vehicle models are very reliable and as well as dependable machines.

Presently, there are many types of pickup trucks available, such as the compact pickup, which is the most widespread form of pickup truck worldwide. The compact pickup was introduced to the market around 1960's. There is the full-size pickup, which is a large truck appropriate for carrying heavy loads and performing other functions. Most of these trucks can hold at least 1,000 lb or 450 kg in the rear bed, with some are capable of loading over five times. There is also the mid-size pickup, was introduced around 1987. The best example of this pickup truck is the Dodge Dakota. The coupe utility is somewhat consider as a pickup type vehicle, which its body style is like a passenger vehicle derived from light truck with a passenger cabin of coupe style but with an integral cargo bed behind the cabin. The Australian has also had their own design of pickup truck vehicles, as well as the Latin America and European countries.

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