Dodge Ramcharger Parts & Accessories

Driving a Dodge Ramcharger would make you feel like you are driving a larger, heavy duty truck. On the positive side, it has enough power and strength to tow an enormous amount of load and carry an ample amount of cargo. On the downside, it really rides like a truck; and that means you're in for a rough and uncomfortable ride. And you would also have to worry about the parts, as vehicles like the Dodge Ramcharger needs the toughest and strongest parts for it to perform at its best on its torturing drives.

The Dodge Ramcharger was a full size pickup truck introduced by Chrysler in 1974 to counter the Chevy Blazer, its number one rival. It was basically a short bed 4x4 pickup truck with a wagon style body, although it is a bit longer than the other short wheelbase pickup trucks manufactured by Chrysler from 1972 to 1973. It shares its chassis with a corporate twin, the Plymouth Trailduster, although the Dodge Ramcharger lasted longer than the Plymouth Trailduster.

There were two generations of Dodge Ramcharger produced by Chrysler. The first was manufactured and sold from 1974 to 1981, while the second was sold from 1982 to 1993. The first generation Dodge Ramcharger was sold side by side with the Plymouth Trailduster, the latter being dropped when the second generation Dodge Ramcharger was introduced.

The Dodge Ramcharger is rather a power vehicle than a practical one. It is indeed powerful at its size and can function like trucks larger than its size. It is a heavy duty machine that you can use for whatever heavy function towing or hauling you need. It is, however, neither an ideal passenger vehicle nor a practical day to day vehicle. It indeed behaves like a truck, and with its stiff suspension, you're in for a rough and bumpy ride. It's large size and abundant ground clearance also makes maneuvering hard, especially on small roads and city streets.

Another thing that you'll have to focus on if you own a Dodge Ramcharger is its parts. With a heavy duty function, Dodge Ramcharger parts are expected to be prone to extreme driving tortures. Through regular maintenance and check-ups and by equipping it with high performance, tough and rigid parts, you can keep your Dodge Ramcharger performing at its best. Here at Parts Train, we aim to be your complete source of Dodge Ramcharger performance and replacement parts so you can have these parts conveniently any time you need them.