Dodge Polara Parts & Accessories

Dodge is one of the producers of top of the line cars from 1914 up to the present. This was co-founded by two brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1914. Several years after, they were bought out by Dillon, Read & Company which in turn sold Dodge to Chrysler Corporation in 1928. The Dodge Polara is one of the excellent quality vehicles ever produced by Dodge.

This Dodge Polara was introduced to the market in 1960 as a full-size car. Some of the features of this car were a carryover from the late 1950's designed models of Dodge. The conspicuous item of this car was its "jet pod" tail lights. A lower light is also incorporated into the rear bumper for more road illumination. It also carried a shortened tail fin that added more to its unique characteristics. The shortened fins are great designs for emphasizing the length of the jet pods in the rear. A chrome stone guard, full length chrome spear and wide chrome base can also be seen in the Polara's exterior. By just its outside appearance you will be drawn by its aura of authority.

When it comes to the interiors, the Dodge Polara can rival any other vehicle in terms of comfort. It has been installed with top quality fabrics and lining so as to ensure comfort for all passengers during the drive.

In the succeeding years, the Dodge Polara underwent several upgrading to make it look and function better. This was also offered to the market in a full range of models including sedans, station wagons, hard tops and a lot more. Every one of these models made it good on the market until the 1970's stepped in. Due to some factors, the Dodge Polara's sales began to dwindle. Because the Monaco model that Dodge released was making it well during that time, they finally decided to cease the Polara's production in 1973.

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