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The Dodge Omni means a lot of many different things for the Chrysler Corporation. First, the Dodge Omni was noted as being one of the first front-wheel drive subcompact cars together with its corporate twin, the Plymouth Horizon. Second, the Dodge Omni have kept Chrysler in the car market and helped the company to avoid bankruptcy.

The Dodge Omni was first introduced in 1978, a time when Chrysler needs to introduce an impressive car so that they can receive government aid and funding. The Dodge Omni has been the perfect car for Chrysler's problems. Upon introduction, the Dodge Omni got enormous sales figures and was patronized by buyers for many things. For one, it was affordable. It was also the first car produced by Chrysler to provide good fuel economy, a car characteristic that is much loved during such time when oil prices reached extreme highs.

The Dodge Omni was basically a European car, designed by Chrysler Europe, but was considered as a domestic product since it was assemble by Chrysler in the US. When introduced in 1978, it was only available as a 4-door hatchback. It was equipped with a 1.7 liter 4-cylinder engine that outputs 70 hp of power. It gained much improvement through the years until it last rolled off the assembly line in 1990.

The Dodge Omni is a reliable, practical and roomy car. It came at the right time both for Chrysler and for the car buyers, as it was designed with high regard on fuel economy, a car characteristic that was definitely preferred during the oil crisis. The car, however, sold poorly in the succeeding years after its introduction. In its entire history, it never outsold its corporate twin, the more equipped Plymouth Horizon.

The Dodge Omni has created a name for reliability, practicality and fuel economy. It was loved in the past and we can't find any reason why you would not love it. If you prefer it to perform better, you can easily do so by equipping it with high performance Dodge Omni parts that can be easily found here at Parts Train. We have an ample supply of Dodge Omni performance parts that you can use on your Dodge Omni to make it perform even better.