Dodge Neon Parts & Accessories

There is no doubt that the Dodge Neon have greatly changed through the years. It was once a car that is incredibly fast and capable but is inadequately equipped and faced with a lot of reliability problems. Now, it is a car far more equipped, although no longer as fast as it was before, with a reliability rating that has sufficiently improved since it was introduced.

The Dodge Neon is a line of subcompact cars introduced by Chrysler, now DaimlerChrysler, in 1995. The first generation Dodge Neon is a fast car with a good reputation in the race track as the best and most affordable amateur racing car. It comes either as a 4-door sedan or a 2-door coupe. Available engines are a 132 hp 2.0L SOHC 4-cylinder engine and a 150 hp SOHC variant. Transmission is either a 3-speed automatic unit or a 5-speed manual.

The second generation Dodge Neon was introduced by DaimlerChrysler in 2000. Unlike the first generation Neon, the 2000 Dodge Neon is far more equipped and its body panel is far more reliable. The redesign, however, took toll on its weight, making it a bit heavy and not as fast as the first generation. It is currently available in two trims, SE and SXT, and equipped with different variants of a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine.

Although the design of the Dodge Neon has considerably changed since it was first introduced, the reliability problems that it was once known for seemed to have stuck on it forever. The current Dodge Neon has a better body, better engine design and far more equipped than the first generation, but questions on its reliability never seemed to cease. It has also lost its popularity it o0nce gained on the race tracks, because it is slower now, although it still has its superior handling capabilities. The Dodge Neon is expected only to last until 2006 and Chrysler will replace it with another car model.

The Dodge Neon is not totally unreliable and its performance is one of the best in its category. Critics have also suggested that making the Dodge Neon perform better can easily be done by installing select Dodge Neon parts from trusted auto parts dealers. Here at Parts Train, we have a lot of Dodge Neon auto parts and products that can make your car perform better and be more reliable.