Dodge Monaco Parts & Accessories

A car that have lasted about 12 years in different body styles and in different categories—that is the Dodge Monaco. From a sole model in 1965, its line-up expanded through the years until it shrunk in size and was finally dropped from the car model line-up in 1976. But no matter what body style or car category it was placed in, the Dodge Monaco remained to be a name for personal luxury vehicles.

The Dodge Monaco was introduced by Chrysler in 1965 as a full-size personal luxury sedan. It was a hardtop coupe whose body is based on Chrysler's C body platform. It was actually considered as the premium trim of the Dodge Polara and was aimed to compete with rival Pontiac Grand Prix.

In 1969, the Dodge Monaco brand name was designated to a whole line of full-size premium level cars. It replaced the Pontiac Polara and its model line-up now includes sedans, hardtops, and station wagons. The name Pontiac Polara was then given to Chrysler's entry level cars using the same C body platform.

In the 1970s, Chrysler again shifted the Dodge Monaco nameplate to its line of mid-size cars, shortly after it dropped the Dodge Coronet nameplate. The former line of Dodge Monaco was then named the Dodge Royal Monaco. This setting was retained until 1976 when only the Dodge Royal Monaco remained as the sole Chrysler C body car.

The Dodge Monaco might have shifted styles and sizes in its entire production history but it continued to represent one thing, and that is luxury. Now, the Dodge Monaco is old and the once luxurious car would often be found only on the garage. You can still, however, make use of such luxurious car with just a few restoration jobs. Equip it with high quality Dodge Monaco parts that can be found here at Parts Train and it will be running again the way that it used to. The Dodge Monaco is a classical car that you can be proud of so there is no reason for you to keep it forever in your garage.