Dodge Mini Ram Parts & Accessories

One of the very advantageous types of vehicle is the minivan. This vehicle can be easily spotted because of its one of a kind appearance. The aspects that differentiate it from other vehicles are its rear side doors and rear side windows. This has some kind of similarity to the station wagon but it is ultimately higher than the sedan. If you have a crowd of friends or a big family, the minivan is the car that's suited to your needs. There are many car brands that offer various models of minivans and one of them is Dodge.

The Dodge Mini ram is basically a minivan that was produced in the 1980's. This vehicle is similar to the Chrysler Town and Country, Chrysler Voyager as well as the Plymouth Voyager. Developed as a 2-door minivan, the ram's interior is quite spacious with its three rows of seats. The Mini ram can accommodate up to seven persons with adequate leg and head room left. Because of its roominess, there is still enough space left over for any luggage that needs to be brought on the trip. The seats are quite comfortable and you can be assured that threw will not be the achy and sore feeling after a long drive.

Enabling the car to reach the destination at fast pace is the high performance engine system under the hood. The front-wheel drive is controlled by a 4-speed and 5speed manual transmission. This car was not equipped with an optional automatic transmission so the driver has to be careful in shifting gears. Its latest model developed in 1987 featured two kinds of engine: the 2.5L L4 and the 3.0L V6 engine. Its engine is very efficient in generating power that will get you on time on any place you need to go. Dodge is also concerned about driver and passenger safety that's why they have equipped the Dodge Mini ram with a powerful braking system.

The Dodge Mini ram is a truly advantageous car to have. A good maintenance regime must be observed so that it will remain in great shape and be able to deliver the performance that you expect. Ensuring that its parts are well-kept is one way of taking car of this car. If you notice any defect in its components don't hesitate to have it changed. You can get new and genuine replacement from Parts Train, your best source for Dodge Mini ram items.