Dodge Durango Parts & Accessories

DaimlerChrysler's plan for its Dodge light truck division seems to be apparent. That is to go where the competitors dare not go and to offer what the competitors don't have. Just like the Dodge Dakota from which it was patterned, the Dodge Durango fitted in an SUV category which was not occupied by any of the other competing SUVs.

The Dodge Durango was introduced by Chrysler in the market in 1998. It was a mid-size SUV patterned after the designs of the Dodge Dakota pickup truck. Although in the mid-size division, it came larger than most mid-size SUVs and as powerful, but smaller, as the full-size SUVs. But just like the current condition of the Dodge Dakota, other SUV manufacturers have shortly followed suit.

To once again outsize and out-power its opponents, Chrysler gave the Dodge Durango a major redesign for 2004. It indeed became larger but power remained as it was. Power, however, haven't been a problem for the Dodge Durangos of the past, as they can level the power provided by larger, full-size SUVs.

The current Dodge Durango is available in five trims: ST, SXT, SLT, Adventurer and Limited. Base engine is the 3.7 liter Magnum V6 engine while the 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine was available for higher trims. A 5-speed automatic transmission is standard for all trims and packages.

In 2008, Chrysler is expected to introduce a hybrid Dodge Durango using the shared GM/DaimlerChrysler Advanced Hybrid System 2. For the meantime, however, all you have to be concerned with is on keeping your Dodge Durango in good condition. With high-powered engines, you won't need too much Dodge Durango parts to enhance the performance of your car. A few Dodge Durango replacement parts are, however, needed each time your Durango experiences some problems. You can find a lot of these high quality Dodge Durango replacement and repair parts here at Parts Train.