Dodge Dakota Parts & Accessories

The DaimlerChrysler Corporation was very enthusiastic when they first introduced the Dodge Dakota. The Dodge Dakota was then the only mid-size pick-up truck and expectedly is larger and looks more muscular than the other compact pickup trucks in the market. Other car manufacturers however followed suit and increased the size of their pickup models, forcing Chrysler to make the Dodge Dakota even larger.

The Dodge Dakota was introduced in 1987 as the first mid-size pickup truck with a body much larger than the other compact pickups but smaller than the full-size models. It came in two basic body styles: a regular cab and an extended cab. A larger and longer Club Cab was later introduced in 1990 to provide more passenger and cargo space. An innovative convertible pickup was also introduced in 1989 but it only lasted for one year.

With competition slowly making their pickup trucks larger, DaimlerChrysler have decided to further increase the size of the Dodge Dakota. For its 2005 model, the Dodge Dakota is bigger and longer and now only available in the Club Cab and Quad Cab body styles. The company has decided to drop the regular cab in its model line-up due to poor demands for the shorter truck. Both body styles are available in three trims: the base ST, SLT and Laramie. All come standard with a 3.7 liter V6 engine and manual transmission. Also available for all models is a 4.7 liter V8 engine coupled with either a 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission. All models can come either with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Many are, however, disappointed with the Dodge Dakota. With its large size that is almost full-size in appearance, it will give you an average performance of a mid-size truck. It can't tow as much as the full-size trucks and have the bumpy ride reminiscent of small compact pickups. Except for the bumps, however, rides are pleasant and comfortable considering that it's a pickup. Handling, steering and braking are also ordinary for most mid-size pickup trucks.

We cannot ask for more from Daimler Chrysler about the Dodge Dakota. We can't expect it too much to perform like a full-size truck because it is actually just an oversized mid-size pickup. However, we can improve the performance of the Dodge Dakota by using and installing high performance Dodge Dakota parts and accessories. Also by equipping it with the larger engine option, I think the Dodge Dakota can reveal a power fitted for its size.