Dodge D100 Parts & Accessories

Basically, the word truck means a motor vehicle for transporting goods. Several connotations have been made on how to describe a truck. In America, wagons with big wheels were called truck. In British term, truck is "lorry" which is only used for medium and heavy types thus, a van, a pick-up or SUV cannot be regarded a "lorry". In Australia, small vehicle with open back is referred to as "ute" and "truck" is used for larger vehicles. But one thing common in using the word truck is that it refers to a big vehicle.

Truck is actually categorized into several types according to size such as the light, medium, and heavy trucks. The light trucks include the pick-up trucks, full-size vans, minivans and SUVs. Medium and heavy trucks are distinguished according to its body weight usually rated in tons. Among these types of trucks, the light trucks are widely produced by almost all car manufacturers. One such hit in the market that is of light truck type is the pick-up truck.

The pickup or pick-up truck is mainly characterized by its open-top rear cargo area. Pick-ups popularity never fades that up to this day, its demand is still favorable among the automobile companies. The practical and many usage of a pickup have been probably the reason why it became the popular choice of many. As a mater of fact, pickups have gained its own significance in the culture of various countries. As such, pickups are indeed a great travel buddy and a practical accessory of every household.

The production of pickups never ceases ever since its introduction in the market. Various automobile companies have included pickups in their line of production and one such automobile company noted for its pickup is the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler Corporation produces pickups under the brand name Dodge. The evolution of Dodge pickup trucks came out with various names among which is the Dodge D series which was produced from 1961 up to 1980. The D series was further classified according to the tonnage form of the vehicle. The Dodge D100 is a model of Dodge D series pick up trucks which was rated below one ton. Other models were available in higher tonnage ratings.

The pickup truck is a very useful form of a vehicle. Much the like of a Dodge D100 which you can expect a longer serviceable lifespan. So, it is but wise to properly maintain such a useful vehicle because you will always be benefited from what it can do to you. In the process of performing Dodge D100 preventive maintenance you might need to replace some worn out parts. If your are going to look for replacement parts and other Dodge D100 accessories, just browse Parts Train online system and surely you'll find whatever your Dodge D100 needs.