Dodge Conquest Parts & Accessories

By the name given to it, you would instantly know why the Dodge Conquest was introduced in America—for Chrysler to dominate the subcompact car market. It, however, fell short from conquering this car market segment. The Dodge Conquest was introduced in the mid 80s and dropped by Chrysler in the same era.

The Dodge Conquest is another captive import car marketed by Chrysler in the US. The car was manufactured by Mitsubishi and was sold in Japan as the Mitsubishi Starion since the early 1980s. It was introduced in North America as a re-badged model coming in two names, the Dodge Conquest and the Plymouth Conquest.

The Dodge Conquest is a subcompact car. Specifically, it is a 2-door, 2-passenger fixed-head coupe. It is a rear-wheel drive machine powered by a 2.6 liter 4-cylinder engine coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission unit. Gas consumption of the said car measures at 18 mpg on the city and 24 mpg on the highway. A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine also became available when a later variant called the TSi was introduced.

As the production of the Dodge Conquest and its Mitsubishi Starion twin approached 1990, the technology used for the car slowly became old and undated. Although the 2.6 liter engine used for its US production seems good enough, the car proved no match to the emerging cars during this era. The Dodge Conquest, together with the Plymouth Conquest and Mitsubishi Starion, was finally dropped for the 1990 model year and was replaced by different car models like the Eagle Talon/Plymouth Laser, Dodge Stealth, and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Had not the technology of the Dodge Conquest became outdated soon, it could have been produced and sold for a longer period of time, or at least longer than six years. There's no need to worry though for Dodge Conquest owner. Your Dodge Conquest is not really bad, just outdated. But with the right Dodge Conquest parts and the proper knowledge, you can still improve the performance of your Dodge Conquest. Just search the internet for repair information on the various section of your Dodge Conquest plus equip your car with Dodge Conquest parts from Parts Train and you'll surely have a better Dodge Conquest in just a short period of time.