Dodge Challenger Parts & Accessories

Two cars bearing the same name do not really mean that they are the same car. Such is the case with the Dodge Challenger. One person may tell you that the Dodge Challenger was sold by Chrysler from 1970 to 1974 while another person may inform you that the Dodge Challenger was sold during 1978. It may confuse you but it should not because there are actually two different cars that used the name Dodge Challenger.

The first, and the more popular, of the two Dodge Challenger models was a pony car that was introduced in 1970 and was sold until 1974. When introduced, it came in two basic trims: the base and R/T. Both trims may be bought under the SE package, which adds more equipments and more interior comforts. It was available with six engine options: 225 Slant Six, 318 LA V8, 340 LA V8, 360 LA V8, 383 B V8, 440 RB V8, and 426 Hemi V8. With six available engine options, the Dodge Challenger became the envy of other pony cars and became instant favorites at that.

The Dodge Challenger gained instant popularity upon introduction, registering sales of 80,000 units for its first year alone. The sales, however, dropped continuously in the succeeding years due to a lot of factors, among which are bad reviews, poor performance of later models and the decline of the pony car segment.

The second Dodge Challenger model was introduced in 1978. This Challenger is basically a version of the Mitsubishi Galant Lambda Coupe, sold under the Dodge brand name. The car tried to copy the style of the old Challenger by using a frameless hardtop styling. It, however, came short in performance and popularity compared to the first model. Nevertheless, it got a good reputation for its brisk performance and its quietness considering that it was only equipped with a 4-cylinder engine.

If there is something common between the two Dodge Challenger models, it is that are old. And whatever Dodge Challenger model you have certainly needs proper maintenance. You would certainly need the high quality Dodge Challenger parts that Parts Train has to offer if you want to keep your Dodge Challenger in proper condition. A little research about the car and about every Dodge Challenger part would also help in the maintenance of your car.