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If there would be any minivan brand that can claim to be the first in its category, a good claimant would be the Dodge Caravan. The Dodge Caravan was Chrysler's first modern minivan and is credited for introducing this kind of category in the entire automobile market.

Chrysler actually started on designing the modern minivan since 1977, long before it was actually introduced and at a time when Chrysler was still leading in the full-size van category. The Dodge Caravan was finally introduced in 1983 along with two other Chrysler minivans that basically look the same. These two minivans are the Chrysler Town and Country and the Plymouth Voyager.

The Dodge Caravan was introduced in 1983 with three basic trims: base, SE and LE. All came standard with a 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine that outputs 102 hp of power and 121 lb-ft of torque. This engine is coupled with a 4-speed manual gearbox. The only other optional engine is a 2.6 liter I-4 coupled with 3-speed automatic transmission. Other engines were introduced later and a longer body model called the Grand Caravan was introduced in 1987.

Currently, Dodge Caravans are available in two trims: the SE and the SXT. The SE is equipped with a 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine while the higher trim SXT is equipped with a 3.3 liter V6. Another 3.8 liter V6 engine is available only for the SXT Grand Caravan. All, however, comes standard with the 4-speed automatic transmission.

When it comes to performance, the Dodge Caravan can be labeled as competitive, being able to match, if not surpass, the challenge being offered by its toughest competitor, the Honda Odyssey. Compared to many other minivans today, the Dodge Caravan is probably the cheapest, considering that it is equally equipped as the other high priced minivans. It also boasts of good looks and state-of-the-art designs inside and out.

The Dodge Caravan is undoubtedly one of the best minivans today and equipping it with substandard parts is not the right thing to do. It is recommended that you equip your Dodge minivan with only high quality and high performance Dodge Caravan parts that you can find here at Parts Train. Just visit our site and you'll find Dodge Caravan auto parts that would really fit on your Dodge Caravan.