Dodge B3500 Parts & Accessories

The lineup of Dodge's vans came in various forms such as the passenger vans, minivans and the full-size vans. Each of them offered capabilities that were unique from each other. But one noteworthy to mention is the Dodge Ram Wagon. The Dodge Ram Wagon was actually a passenger van that originated from a commercial van design. It was available as a three-door van that had its production from 1971 up to 2003.

The Dodge Ram Wagon like the previous Dodge models was identified through its various sub-models that came in series as indicated in the model name. Like the Dodge B series that carried the models B100, B150, B250, and B350 the Dodge Ram Wagon has also the likes of such naming scheme. Although these Dodge vans may have different names, they were all equally powered by either a V6 or V8 engine. Their distinct difference however, lies mainly on the body style. In particular, the Dodge B3500 was a Dodge model under the Dodge Ram Wagon series.

The Dodge B3500 was an upgrade to the Dodge B350 which was a one tonnage Dodge van while the former was distinguished from its body style which was a 127 inch extended and long-body Maxiwagon. The Dodge B3500 received various upgrades both in its interior and exterior design. These changes have greatly improved the looks of the Dodge B3500 from its predecessor. Its enhanced exterior gave Dodge B3500 a pushed-out look and provided more interior space due to the relocation of the engine.

The Dodge B3500 that came out in a new package promised of better performance and riding pleasure. A van like the Dodge B3500 is probably one of the most useful types of a vehicle. The various usage of a van is indeed very practical and owning a van is likewise a best investment. And if you happen to have a Dodge B3500 probably you may have some feeling of uncertainty on how you can properly keep your Dodge B3500 in upright condition since its production have already been discontinued.

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