Dodge B250 Parts & Accessories

From light commercial vehicles, pick-ups, vans, to heavy-duty trucks - you name it and Dodge has it. These line up of Dodge automobiles were built with precision and fine styles that catered the demands of the most demanding car owner. Dodge continued to provide high-performance vehicles which up to now are well received such as the Dodge participation in the 2006 Melbourne Motor Show.

Among the widely appreciated Dodge vehicles even during the early times is the Dodge van. A van is usually used for transporting volumes of goods or groups of people. The van is a perfect travel buddy for a huge family, church groups, businessman and other large groups of people. It is also a practical choice for carpooling, for shuttling people and their luggage to and from hotels and airports, school shuttle and other business applications. These wide varieties of applications made the van so popular worldwide.

The Dodge B series was a full-sized passenger van which had its production from 1971 up to 2002. Typically, a model under the Dodge B series was available as a two-door van that can accommodate eight to fifteen passengers. Prior to the naming of the Dodge van as the B series, different configurations were given names such as the Dodge Sportsman and the Tradesman until these were phased out and was replaced by B series identifiers. The Dodge B series was categorized by various models according to the tonnage form of the vehicle.

One of the Dodge B series form was the Dodge B250 which was rated as three-fourth ton van. Common to all Dodge B series models, the Dodge B250 was equipped with powerful V8 engine and in the 1980s edition featured the rear quarter glass that wrapped around to the rear of the van. Such feature was unique only to Dodge B series vans and aside from this, Dodge pioneered the extended-rear fifteen passenger van, introduced the sliding side door and the side-swinging tail door with a full-width window.

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