Dodge B1500 Parts & Accessories

When it comes to van, Dodge name will always emerge. Chrysler Corporation through its Dodge division was among the car manufacturers who spearheaded the manufacturing of vans from a simple compact vans up to full size vans. Dodge vans are known to be of high quality and offered features that are somehow unique from its competitors. One such feature is the "cab forward" design which was unusual to passenger vehicles and the long-wheelbase front wheel drive which was pioneered by the Dodge Caravan.

Among the early Dodge vans included the Dodge A100, Sportsman and Tradesman. All of which gained reputation of being a great multi-purpose vehicle. Another line of Dodge van which is worth mentioning is the Dodge Ram Wagon. The Dodge Ram Wagon, a full-size van had its production from 1971 up to 2003. It came out with various models that differed in styles but are all equipped with powerful engine that made these vans performed even beyond its capacity.

The Dodge Ram Wagon was an upgrade to the Dodge B series and had its own series name. The Dodge B1500 is an example of the series name under the Dodge Ram Wagon. Dodge B1500 has a 109 inch regular and 127 inch extended wheelbase. It received a major exterior redesign in 1994 since Dodge B1500 was introduced in 1971. The changes gave the Dodge B1500 a somewhat "pushed out" look in front that resulted in an enhanced body style.

Owning a van such as the Dodge B1500 is of great help in your day to day endeavor. A van does not only carry bulks of goods or volumes of load but it serves as the extension of the amenities you get from your house. The Dodge B1500 is a perfect travel buddy especially for a large family where they can be accommodated with maximum comfort and convenience. Dodge B1500 provides a dinette, bed ability, and other features that would make your ride a pleasant one.

The many usage of the Dodge B1500 is valuable, that is why keeping your Dodge B1500 in upright condition is practically the best thing that you can do in return. Although the production of the Dodge B1500 was discontinued after the 2003 model year, many are still running on the streets showing that Dodge B1500's performance is lasting. And if you happen to own one, then you will be glad because Parts Train is right here to provide you with whatever replacement parts and accessories your Dodge B1500 may need.