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Minivans, compact vans, and full-size vans are the various forms of a van that you could choose from. A minivan has a body of a van but with rear side doors and windows, and is higher than sedans, compact, and station wagons. A compact van is characterized by mechanicals based on a compact car while a full-size van features front engines under a short hood. Anyway, whatever type it is, vans are extremely dependable in terms of practical usage and performance.

However, the performance of a van greatly depends on the quality on how it was manufactured. As a buyer, you do not only consider the overall packaging of a certain product but also the reputation of its manufacturer. Same thing goes through with automobiles. The brand name counts a lot and the reputation that comes along with the name is an important consideration. That is why it takes a lot of thinking when you are planning to get a new vehicle.

Among the reputed car manufacturer is the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler Corporation carries various automobile brand names and among the brand that is worth mentioning is the Dodge. In particular, Dodge vans were known to have great performance and body styles. It was the only line of vans that featured rear quarter glass that wrapped around the rear of the van. Dodge vans were identified in different name schemes that characterized the vans capacity and body style.

The Dodge B series was full-sized passenger van produced from 1971 up to 2002. It was available as a two-door van that accommodated eight to fifteen passengers. All the Dodge B series models had engine options that included the powerful Slant 6, V6, and V8 engines. It was available in several models that differed only in the tonnage rating of the body. One such Dodge B series model was the Dodge B150 which was rated to be a half ton van. Other Dodge B series were available in higher tonnage rating.

Nowadays, your Dodge B150 may have been out modeled by modern designs of vans but definitely, it still boast of powerful performance that could still go far beyond limit. So it is but practical and right thing to do that your Dodge B150 be kept in its excellent condition. To help you do this, Parts Train offers its wide range of genuine Dodge parts that will surely fit into your Dodge B150's specifications. Log on now to see the wide array of Dodge's replacement parts and accessories made available to you by Parts Train.