Dodge B100 Parts & Accessories

Vans or commercial vehicles are used by businessmen in running their business. They deliver their products to their clients so they need a vehicle that is capable to carry almost their entire business to different places. The flexibility and service level that a van could offer is much more superior that any other ordinary vehicle. In Australia and UK, vans are not only used for transporting goods but for carrying people as well. Yes, vans are also used to take people and their stuff between hotels and airports and to shuttle commuters between parking lots and their places of work.
But how does a van look like anyway? It is a box-shaped vehicle on four wheels, about the same size as a large vehicle, usually taller and higher off the ground. It can either be especially designed vehicle or be based on a sedan vehicle. Now, since vans are popular among businessmen, the "big Three", Dodge, Ford and General Motors manufactured a lineup of vans, standard and full size vans, in the United States. Dodge, now a part of Daimler-Chrysler has provided the public a lineup of vans, the Dodge B-Series.
The Dodge B-Series was a full-sized passenger van which replaced the earlier smaller A-series vans. The Dodge B-series includes the Dodge B100, Dodge B150, Dodge B200, Dodge B250 and the Dodge B350. As with the Dodge D-series trucks, the Dodge B100 and the Dodge B150 models were ½ -ton rated while the Dodge B250s were 3/4 —ton and the Dodge B350 models were 1-ton. During the 31-year production of these series of vans, two major and four minor updates was given to the front-end styling whereas the rear-end styling has been revised two time, but the body shell and the majority of the equipment s remained more or less identical from the van's introduction on 1971.
One noticeable feature that the Dodge B-Series show off is its rear quarter glass wrapped around to the van's rear which greatly reduced the driver's blind spots, in which its competitors (Ford and GM) doesn't have. In general, the Dodge B-Series vans can provide the things you desire in a travel body. So it just makes sense to have it replaced with only high-quality parts when its components call for a replacement. For the best and the finest Dodge B100 parts, you can trust Parts Train. Parts Train is America's most trusted online auto parts provider because Parts Train provides nothing but the best products and service.