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There are a few cars that get more good reviews than bad criticisms, and the Dodge Avenger is one of them. Although the production of the Dodge Avenger has been dropped by the Chrysler Corporation since 2001, it has continued to be the brand's feel good car. With a number of good characteristics matched with affordable pricing, the Dodge Avenger is really a car that is easy to love.

The Dodge Avenger is a line of mid-size vehicles manufactured and marketed by Chrysler under the Dodge badge from 1995 to 2000. It was marketed as the successor of the Plymouth Laser/Eagle Talon coupes together with corporate twin Chrysler Sebring. Both cars were manufactured under Diamond Star Motors, a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motors.

Although entirely Chrysler in design, the Dodge Avenger was manufactured by the Mitsubishi Motors, and in fact some model would use engines designed by Mitsubishi. The Dodge Avenger was introduced in 1995 with two trims: base and the ES trim. Upon introduction, the base trim was equipped with a standard 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts that produces 140 hp of power. It was coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission while a 4-speed automatic unit was available as option. The ES trim got 2.5 liter V6 engine with 4-speed automatic transmission while a 4-cylinder engine/5 speed manual transmission unit was also available as an option.

The Dodge Avenger has a lot of good characteristics, including styling and performance. Compared to the Chrysler Sebring, the Dodge Avenger is priced less but also equipped less. Nonetheless, all of its parts are finely designed and manufactured. Acceleration is also quick and fast and styling is good. The only problems are brought by the 4-cylinder automatic units, which includes poor acceleration and road noise. But over-all, the entire Dodge Avenger model line-up fares good.

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