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After dropping a bestseller in a company's car line-up, the next problem of such company is introducing a car that can surpass, or match-up at the very least, the qualities and performance of the bestseller car. Such was the problem then of Chrysler after they dropped the Dodge Dart. And their solution: the Dodge Aspen.

The Dodge Aspen is a midsized car manufactured by Chrysler for the Dodge brand in the mid-70s. It was introduced by Dodge in the fall of 1975 as 1976 model together with the Plymouth Volare, which has the same basic design. It replaced the A bodied Dodge Dart and through it, Chrysler's F body platform was introduced.

The Dodge Aspen was produced for 5 model years, from 1976 to 1980 when it was finally replaced by the Dodge Aries of a different body platform. It came in three different body styles: a 2-door coupe, a 4-door sedan and a 4-door wagon. The coupe used the A body platform, the same platform used by the Dodge Dart, while the sedan and wagon used the F body platform. In its entire production year, only three engines were used: the 225 Slant Six, the 318 LA V8 and the 360 LA V8. However, many engine features and upgrades were made during its 5 year existence.

The Dodge Aspen wasn't able to match or surpass the sales of the Dodge Dart. The reason was rather vague than limited to quality and performance problems. Early models of the Dodge Aspen were really of poor quality, which Lee Iacocca acknowledge as a product of rush production, but later models were better and competitive. Another factor which affected the sales of Dodge Aspen was the oil problems in the 70s. Engine redesign to meet strict emission laws also affected the performance not only of the Dodge Aspen but of other Chrysler produced cars.

Now, Dodge Aspen cars are old and one usually sees them stacked on the garage. With the right Dodge Aspen parts, however, one can bring back a Dodge Aspen up and running again. Parts Train is your online source for every Dodge Aspen part that is needed to restore a Dodge Aspen.