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The Dodge Aries marked many events in the history of both the Dodge brand and the Chrysler Corporation. First, Chrysler has not had a bestseller for years until the introduction of the Dodge Aries that saved the company from further loses. Second, the design of the Dodge Aries, as well as the Plymouth Reliant, became the model of the next cars that were introduced by Chrysler in the succeeding years.

The Dodge Aries, together with the Plymouth Reliant, were the very first K-Cars manufactured by Chrysler. They were called K-Cars because these cars used Chrysler's K platform as their basic design. In a short time after it was introduced, the Dodge Aries instantly became a bestseller, prompting Chrysler to design more cars using the same platform. But succeeding cars using the platform were not able to achieve what the Dodge Aries was able to achieve. Among the K-Cars manufactured by Chrysler, the Dodge Aries was undoubtedly the most popular and the one that fared well.

The Dodge Aries shares most of its parts and specifications with the Plymouth Reliant, which was introduced at the same year. It was equipped with a standard 2.2 Chrysler K engine. The only other engine that was provided as an option was the Mitsubishi 2.6 liter engine, which was later replaced by a 2.5 liter Chrysler engine. These engines were matched with a standard 4-speed manual transmission or an optional 3-speed automatic gearbox.

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