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There are many brands which offer trucks and off-road vehicles, but Dodge beats them all to the ground. The brand is a leader when it comes to minivans and tough sport utility vehicles, plus the company manufactures the best pickup trucks in the market which can hold all your work equipment without slowing down its pace on the road. Founded in 1914, the brand is a prominent division of the international auto giant Chrysler Group LLC and is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company initially sold and supplied Dodge parts to a large market in Detroit before Chrysler acquired it in 1928 and continuously developed the line until it became the leading brand for heavy duty trucks.

The brand's passenger cars were also quite popular, but the truck models gained larger market attention. The most popular Dodge division was the Ram and although it gained huge success, the brand tried to market it separately from the rest of the models. The Ram line holds such a gigantic position in the automotive industry and it has already built a name for itself, but the other models are in danger of being outshined by this particular division. So the company decided to change the brand identity, making it energetic, hip, young, and cool instead of the tough and hard-hitting image that is more closely associated with Ram. The different brand identity is definitely a far cry from the current campaign for the company's truck buyers, so the top decision-makers decided to give both the truck and passenger car models distinct themes.

Light truck models were initially released in 1914. The existing passenger cars were the basis for most of the earlier truck models. But as the market demand grew, the manufacturers eventually decided to change the design of the bodywork and chassis. The first line consists of light and medium duty trucks, but the market's thirst for bigger trucks was insatiable, and the demand for larger load capacity grew. Dodge eventually released heavy-duty trucks in 1930 and continued its production until the 1940s and beyond. The four-wheel drive design of the heavy-duty trucks became successful so a civilian version was launched, called as the Power Wagon.

Dodge continues to manufacture its popular truck models until today, but has incorporated a wider range, including SUVs, minivans, and passenger cars. It is still the number one choice when it comes to hauling huge cargos and work equipment, but the other models have gained a large following too, particularly because of Chrysler's effective campaigns and marketing strategies. From its humble beginnings in Detroit as an auto parts supplier, the brand has managed to become one of the world's leading brands, thanks to its solid line of trucks. In case you need accessories and replacement Dodge truck parts, feel free to scan our online catalog for the most affordable deals and discounts. Parts Train is the home of the best and most reasonably priced auto parts. You'll surely find everything you're looking for right here.