Daihatsu Rocky Parts & Accessories

There were only two Daihatsu car models released in the US, so if you are a Daihatsu car owner and you don't own a Charade, then you surely own a Daihatsu Rocky. And you won't be here in this site if you're not looking for Daihatsu parts, right? There are only a few auto parts store, online or local, that offers you Daihatsu Rocky parts and we're proud to say that Parts Train is one of the best.

The Daihatsu Rocky is a small, compact SUV sold in the US from 1988 up to 1992. It is a 4-wheel drive compact SUV that is available in three models: SE Soft Top, SE Hard Top, and SX Hard Top. All models are equipped with a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine that produces an ample 94 hp of power. Standard transmission is a 5-speed manual shift with overdrive.

The Daihatsu Rocky is not particularly bad for an SUV. It is an entry level SUV so no one must expect it to have a lot of features and amenities. But being an entry level SUV, it is fully equipped with the basic features. It has good steering and handling characteristics as well as a reliable body and parts. The Rocky, however, is small and not as powerful as the larger SUVs sold during its time. It is not particularly suited for towing and would not give you the fast acceleration you want. Considering its price, however, the Daihatsu Rocky would be a perfect vehicle for starters and new car owners.

Being manufactured and sold in the US for only five years, and with barely 295 units sold, the Daihatsu Rocky is a very rare vehicle. Being rare, parts for the said SUV are equally rare. Although the Daihatsu Rocky is quite easy to maintain, owners have a hard time looking for the parts they need for their Rocky. Finding stores offering repair and maintenance assistance has also been a big problem.

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